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31″ x 9″ MAUI


Surfing is all about finding the line and carving through the sections.
It is no different with skateboarding.

Carving = performance.

Signature’s MAUI Skateboard was created to help improve your carving on or off the water.

So, if your idea of a good wave is a solid day carving up the face at Honolua Bay or a fun winter swell at Hookipa Beach Park on Maui, well then you need to look no further.

Signature’s MAUI surf skateboard will definitely blow your hair back.


* Currently Only available in South Africa: Free Shipping across RSA

Ready to do some surf skating, then it’s time to carve on a Signature Tropics Collection skateboard.

Each board in the range is a tribute and memory to the islands of Hawaii that have influenced the Signature brand + riders over the years.

It was 1986, the early days of modern-day water-sports on MAUI and where we as the Signature family 1st fell in love with the islands.

MAUI is known for its aloha, tropical beauty + birthplace of many modern-day day water sports which consist of extreme carving.

As you jump on this black + white beauty, with a classic kick fishtail,  you will feel the island riding traditions come alive under your feet.

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