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28.5″ x 8.5″ MOLOKAI


We really try hard not to show any favouritism to certain Signature products, but at times we just have to admit that we have a favourite.

Signature’s MOLOKAI Skateboard is an all-beauty and all-performance carve machine created to help improve your carving.


* Currently Only available in South Africa: Free Shipping across RSA

Ready to do some surf skating, then it’s time to hop on a Signature Tropics Collection skateboard.

Each board in the range is a tribute and memory to the islands of Hawaii that have influenced the Signature brand + riders over the years.

To anyone who has been to MOLOKAI, you will recall the secret beauty of the island people, plus some of the surf spots that are absolute secret gems.

To try to best match the feel and style of MOLOKAI, our designers created a board that captures the purity + uniqueness of a beautiful island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

You may never personally visit the island of MOLOKAI, but as you carry this board and everyone stares or as you carve the streets,  we hope that you experience just a little bit of the tropics.

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Signature Skate - Molokai bottomMolokai | Tropics
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