Tropical Collection

Over the years, SPG has had the privilege of living + filming on some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. One of these island chains is what is known as HAWAII.

The culture, people and amazing surfing spots of these different Hawaiian islands have shaped + influenced the way we think, ride and create. With this in mind, a perfect opportunity to share a bit of Aloha vibes with our Signature riders and family around the world.

Enjoy the ride!

Tech Talk

The Tropical range is a complete hi performance surf & skate range created with a mix of bamboo, pine and fiberglass for added strength-to-weight ratio.

 We aim to be a sustainable brand and have switched to incorporating a large percentage of bamboo in our deck construction. Signature Skate uses only the best materials available and creates a breathtaking range of boards that will have you starting your own collection.

Each skateboard is equipped with ABEC-9 bearings, 70x42mm 80A black wheels, and black grip tape.

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